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I absolutely love to share my knowledge and experience of the incredible medicinal and edible properties of our desert plants.  This 2017-2018 season I will not be posting an open schedule of classes , but will be offering to create customized classes by request.

 Here's how it works:

  • You gather your interested group
  • Contact me at [email protected]
  • You name the location or general vicinity
  • Tell me what level or particular interest your group would like to explore
  • I will customize the walk, talk or class to fit the exact location and interest
  • The fee will be appropriate to the level of the class (see example fee ranges in the example classes below)
  • Peruse my list of class descriptions below to get an idea of what I have offered in the past and we'll build on those  depending on the level of intensity or lightness your group would like to explor

Walk About: Medicinal and Edible Plants of the Desert

On this easy 1  or so mile walkabout on a trail in your area, learn to identify 15-20 plants, their unique medicinal and edible properties, how and when to harvest and how to prepare into medicines and foods.  Learn some intriguing desert ecology and cultural history along the way.  Fee: $200-$400 depending on length and level of material presented.  

Desert Talks 

Take a virtual chair tour of the desert's incredible plant medicines and foods.  Slide presentation and talk with samples of plants, medicines and food.  Fee: $100 for groups <25.

Hike Alongs

Bring an added level of interest to your Hiking Club's outing.  Book Everything Desert to join your hike to learn about the plant uses, ecology, wildlife, geologic formations, plant first aid and cultural history along the way.  Fee: $200-$300 depending on length of hike.

Desert Medicine Making :: Make and Take

Learn how to make tinctures, syrups, oils, salves and tea remedies from the desert plants.  Make and take a flu or allergy tincture, or an antibiotic slave.   Also learn how to skin a prickly pear, harvest the bark of the ocotillo, sustainably dig for cholla root and much more harvesting information and techniques and ways to prepare the plants for medicinal purposes.  This half day class will get you in the practice of preparing plants into your own customized medicines. All plant material and supplies provided. Fee $65 per person; minimum 9 participants. 

Perhaps add a WALKABOUT in the morning to harvest the plants you choose to make into a medicine. I can come to your location or you to mine.

Winter Container Gardening

December - April is the perfect time for vegetable gardening on the desert.  No room for a garden plot?  Learn how to grow everything from spinach to peas in containers on your patio.  Handouts of planting times and most successful varieties is provided.  Fee: $125 for groups <20.