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Classes for the 2014-2015 season


I absolutely love to share my knowledge and experience of the incredible medicinal and edible properties of our desert plants.  This 2014-2015 season I will not be posting an open schedule of classes , but will be offering to create customized classes by request. 

 Here's how it works:

  • you gather your interested group
  • you name the location or general vicinity
  • tell me what level or particular interest your group would like to explore
  • I will customize the walk, talk or class to fit the exact location and interest
  • the fee will be appropriate to the level of the class
  • Hiking groups, Medical groups, Herbalists, Survivalists, Scouts, School Groups, Friends groups, Community groups

  • Peruse my list of class descriptions below to get an idea of what I have offered in the past and we'll build on those  depending on the level of intensity or lightness your group would like to explore 

Pay for Classes Here

 Walk About: Medicinal and Edible Plants of the Desert     

On this easy 1  or so mile walkabout in the Superstitions, meet the desert plants which have provided medicine and food for thousands of years.  Learn what parts are used, how to harvest, dry and prepare. Location: Various Superstition Mt. easy trails and easy access.  Class dates: Jan 11, Feb. 9, March 8  9:00-noon    $25



Front Porch Medicinal & Edible Desert Plants     

Interested in learning about what desert plants you can use for medicine and what plants are edible but don't feel like tromping around a dusty trail on a walk about?  Learn about the native plants around  Cyndi's yard where she harvests all her native medicine; with the comfort and convenience to retreat to the  patio for   rest, relaxation, awesome views of the Superstitons and sip a cold tea prepared from the bounty of the desert.  Jan 19  & Feb. 23    $20

Desert Medicine Making    

Make a flu and cold remedy tincture or an antibiotic salve. Learn how to skin a prickly pear, harvest the bark of the ocotillo, sustainably dig for cholla root and much more harvesting information and techiques and ways to prepare the plants for medicinal purposes.  This half day class wil get you in the practice of prepating plants into your own customized medicines.  Prepare a tincture or an oil/salve for you to take home and use.  Class includes all supplies.  Class dates:  March 16:  10:00-2:00   $55

Riparian Walkabout: Medicinal and Edible Plants along a desert stream

Desert streams and washes offer many different plants than those which we find in the "uplands" away from these moister systems.  Extend your medicine cabinet by learning about these riparian plants.  Enjoy an easy 1.5 mile walk with Cyndi into a Goldfield Mts. riparian area with springs, trees, cattails, caves and evidence of ancient activity.  Fun for the whole family.  April 12:  9-12:30   $25

Stings, Bites and Trail Survival

            On this walkabout, learn the plants to reach for at your fingertips  if you  encounter venomous bites, stings and wounds while out hiking or camping and how to use them in an emergency situation.  We've all heard the myth that if in survival mode on the desert, the barrel cactus can be cut open to provide water.  This misinformation will only lead you to a quick death.  Learn about some plants that truly may save your life in extreme survival situations. April 26 : 9-noon $25

Plant Spirit Relationships with Medicinal Plants of the Desert 







  Do you have some intellectual knowledge of the uses of our desert plants but want to explore deeper understandings, awarenesses and appreciations?  There is a deeper medicinal effect when one connects with and appreciates the spiritual properties of the plant.  Understand the relationship of the plants to their environment where they live, to each other and to you.  This is an all day class walking to a special place in the desert and experiencing attunement, the plant's signature, the plant's properties which match yours and an intuitive way to identify which plants would work best with your requirements.   Class by request

Hike and Learn:  Hike to Massacre Grounds

More than a walkabout.  For those who would enjoy spending the morning hiking  in the gorgeous Superstition Mts, and also like to learn about the medicinal and edible plants of the desert, the desert animals, the way the desert works and the local myths and legends along the way.  This is a moderate 7 mile hike to fabulous features and historic places.  March 1st  8:00- 2:00  $30


Grow your own food on the desert

Everything you need to know to plant your winter or spring vegetable and herb garden: Soil preparation, bed location, seed varieties and planting times and appropriate watering. $12  Class By Request

Desert Ecology

Ever wonder why we have such gorgeous sunsets? How plants can possibly survive in 100 days of 100 degrees with little to no rain? Did you know we actually have 5 seasons? With only 7-10 inches of rain, poor thin soils and extreme climate how does anything survive here? Yet our Sonoran desert is the richest and most biodiverse desert in the world. Learn how it all works in this fun, light class. $12 Class  By Request











 Cyndi is also available to customize a class, hike or walkabout for your group and children/school groups.  Contact Cyndi. at everythingdesert@yahoo.com